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For me, it's the toddler whose jaw drops when he sees his beautiful aunt dressed as a bride... It's the brother who spent a week traveling from the UK via non-red-listed countries to surprise his little sister on her wedding day... It's the moment a sheep jumps through the bridal suite window to shrieks from the half-dressed bridal party... The time the ringbearer's pants fell down around his nappy and the groom immediately dropped his own to redirect the laughter... It's granny on the dancefloor catching the bouquet, the first looks, and father-daughter dances, the tearjerker speeches, the belly laughs, the secret love letters written under shoes. It's the glittering highlights of humanity that come together on your wedding day, in the most honest and vulnerable way. Sure, there are the Pinterest moments too, and they're pretty special, but for me the ones that do it are the unexpected. The in-between. The moments that tell your story. It's the happiest time of your lives... and my greatest privilege to show it to you!

My work

Big hearts, big love, big landscapes

I'm a romantic at heart, and nothing makes me happier than being able to play; with you, with love, with magical light, and usually with a beautiful vista as a playground. Relaxed and happy clients translate into relaxed and happy memories, and that's always my ultimate goal.

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“Photography is an austere and blazing poetry of the real”